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New challenges bring new innovations and new opportunities. Give your brokerage firm the competitive edge it needs by using LeadHax Pro.

LeadHax Pro technology helps streamline your digital marketing strategy so your agents can focus on building long-lasting relationships with their clients.

With location targeting and data gathering, this simple to use automation tool allows you to advertise online with ease. Now you can focus on boosting your brand, expand your audience base, gather leads and increase your bottom line.


Build Your Broker Brand In 2 Easy Steps

Boost Your Entire Listing Inventory in 7 Days 

•Targeted listings recieve 5,000 ad impressions

•Dashboard reporting sent to agent via email

•Custom templated branding for your company with automated ads 

Extend the Ad for 2 or 4 Weeks 

•After the first week, agent has the option to renew the campaign at a discounted rate

•Agents choose from listing or brand building options on display network or Facebook and Instagram 


Why Digital Marketing

 90% of home-buyers use the internet as their primary research method, and 52% use it before any other resource. If you aren't marketing yourself online, you're missing out on these crucial first steps on their path to purchase.

Digital is the most measurable form of marketing available.  Traditional marketing methods are difficult to track, and the only way to get a clear picture of what is working is through long-term campaigns; costing you more money. 

Find your Ideal Client 

 Digital marketing gives you the power to reach your ideal client at the right time, in the right place, with the right ad and allows you to cut out the extras that are not interested in Real Estate.  Traditional methods may provide this audience, along with any and everyone else that sees that particular medium-whether they are interested in your services or not. 

Simplify your Digital Strategy 

 LeadHax Pro identifies your ideal audience and automatically creates your ads to display to them as soon as your listings hit the market.  You don’t need to worry that you’re spending money on ads that reach people not interested in working with you.  On-demand and automated reporting is provided to show you how many times your ad has been seen and interacted with, taking the guesswork of out of determining if your marketing works, and giving you more bang for your marketing buck. 

Build Personalized Ads In Seconds

Facebook Ad

Target buyers and sellers through custom audiences, look-a-like targeted audiences and more.

Display Ad

Your ad can appear on 92% of all websites and is precisely targeted towards your local prospects.

Whether you're promoting a new listing, recruiting top agents for your firm, or boosting your brand, your targeted audience will see your ads across the web. 


Pain Point 1:

Ineffective Branding and Digital Marketing Strategy 


Own digital marketing efforts for your brokerage

Help your agents target qualified buyers and sellers with digital advertising. Tailor your message to the specific group of people most interested in your services. Past methods, such as door-knocking, grocery carts, even print means that you will be advertising to any and everyone that sees that particular medium — no matter if they are interested in buying or selling, or fit your preferred clientele or not. Digital ads give you the power to only go after those prospects that do fit that description. 
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Pain Point 2:

Supporting Your Agents


Let us do the marketing heavy lifting for your agents

Our platform will automatically create ad campaigns as the listings go on the market. Brokers are able to offer their agents an easy, effective tool to market their listings — it’s all done for them, and they know that once that listing is live, it’s marketed without any additional work on their parts. Brokers are getting the benefit of the branding provided by these ads, plus support their employees and help them be successful agents in a cost-effective, affordable platform.
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Pain Point 3:

Slow Inventory and Longer Days on Market Leads to Dissatisfied Sellers 


Engage sellers in the marketing process with campaign stats you can measure

Showing your clients how many people have looked at the property, tracking calls and web traffic to the property page or virtual tour, and in some cases showing them their own ads in action on social media or online, has proven successful for us in helping agents retain their business and show their work to their sellers. Our agents are particularly excited to be able to share their listing ads on social media.  
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Pain Point 4:

Recruiting Top Talent 


Enhance your agent's performance with a system that streamlines their marketing efforts 

Potential clients are not the only prospects. Real estate agents are also online looking at your brand. Positioning yourself properly to those top performing agents is key for recruiting them to your firm. Our automated platform makes it easy for you to have a strong market presence when agents and clients are searching online.
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Pain Point 5:

Resistance Among Agents to Adopt New Technology


Find a champion in your agency to advocate for the new marketing tool

We found this particularly effective and usually it is going to be someone that is doing well for themselves, or someone that is seen as a leader within the office. Get them comfortable with the new tool, and lean on them to help say “this is working for me.” By association, people usually start to follow the leader, who is their peer to whom they can also go to with questions.  
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LeadHax Pro

LeadHax is a Silicon Valley based company that offers a broad array of digital marketing solutions to Real Estate brokers and agents. LeadHax Pro is a digital marketing platform that serves as a powerful branding and agent retention tool for brokers. LeadHax Pro technology simplifies and automates online advertising (listings and agent promo) for your entire staff and delivers effective results on both desktop and mobile browsers. 

Situated among many cutting edge businesses such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Adobe, Tesla, Uber and more, LeadHax’s offerings include transformative and advanced digital technologies that help segment the audiences interested in real estate, and are located within a 15-mile radius of a ZIP code.  

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